Ota Agri-Fishery Improvement Group

Ota Agri-Fishery Improvement Group

Solutions to ease your agricultural tasks!

Overview of the Ota Agri-Fishery Improvement Group

We are a collection of companies with excellent technological and planning strengths under the flagship of the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization ‒ an auxiliary organization of Ota City ‒ to solve the challenges facing the agri-fishery industry in Japan and overseas.
We formed our group on April 1, 2017 to contribute to communities by solving difficult problems.
(We formed a preparation committee for one year in 2016.)


Steps to Solve Challenges!


Experts from various fields listen to the challenge


Technology and planning experts conduct repeated implementation verification


We produce results by solving the challenge

Case Studies

Hole Forming Device to Sow Sunflower Seeds

We manufactured a metal device in place of the conventional wooden device on farms in Rwanda (2016)

Daikon Radish Lifting Device for Iburigakko (Smoked Daikon Radish Pickles)

This is a machine to lift up 1.5 kg × 10 daikon radishes to the ceiling (2016)

Mini Plant Factory for Elementary School Education

We configured this factory in an easy-to-understand way with consideration given to shipping overseas (2016)

Bacteria Elimination Device

We provided devices to remove mold and various bacteria in the distribution process in Rwanda
(JICA SDGs Business Model Formu lation Survey with the Private Sector) (2017)


Device Design and Plant Factories

KASEDA Co., Ltd.

We provide a one-stop service with various partner companies and a collaborative structure. We deliver highly efficient services. We do this by performing all processes ‒ from consultations on the desires of our customers to planning, design, prototype, manufacture and sales ‒ in one place.

Mitsuyoshi Kaseda, Representative Director

INQUIRIES mitsuyoshi@kaseda.co.jp TEL:81-3-3743-2775

Simple Water Quality Inspections PACK TEST

Kyoritsu Chemical-Check Lab., Corp.

We research, develop, manufacture and ell simple water quality analysis productsthat can be used by anyone, anywhere.
Please use our products when you want to learn the rough values at sites.

Kanji Okauchi, Chairman

INQUIRIES okauchi@kyoritsu-lab.co.jp TEL:81-3-3721-9207

Pole and Play Equipment Manufacturing

Tech-Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We research basic steel technologies to support utilization of fallow fields and solar sharing.
It is possible to reuse these. They suppress floating and sinking.

Yuki Torigata, Representative Director

INQUIRIES tori@ttkk.co.jp TEL:81-3-5703-1441

Development and Sale of Agricultural Technologies

Nouentai Co., Ltd.

Nouentai provides comprehensive support for new agricultural entry, cultivation technical guidance, material provision and sales channel development.
We aim to revitalize agriculture and communities.

Hitoshi Azukizawa, CEO / Dr.

INQUIRIES info@agri-s.jp TEL:81-853-25-7778

Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacture

SATSUKI electron CO.,Ltd

We perform CPU built-in printed circuit board design and manufacture (including software) and single chip CPU related development, design and manufacture.

Satsuo Sueishi, CEO

INQUIRIES satsuki-e@yk2.so-net.ne.jp TEL:81-3-3727-4445


Creation Core Corporation

We develop lens production systems, house call schedule creation systems, business meeting Internet system construction and agricultural sensor hardware systems!

Shouhei Yamawaki Representative Director

INQUIRIES yamawaki@creation-core.jp TEL:81-3-3764-3148

Sales Promotion Consulting

AGL inc.

We provide support for effective promotions focused on sales and distribution plans.


Hideki Yamada, Representative Director

INQUIRIES yamada@agl-inc.jp TEL:81-3-3400-1360

Consulting with Business Science

Toshifumi Shishido

Lean, Agile, and/or Data Science
IoT / Data Science / AI / Robotics / VR
Exhibition (for Business, or for Entertainment)
See more...

Toshifumi Shishido,Business Consultant

INQUIRIES bsnss.ssd@gmail.com TEL:81-3-5711-6325

Manufacturing and Repair of Machines and Devices

Seki Ironworks

We are a company that manufactures, assembles and repairs machines and devices. We manufacture everything from small parts to large parts
‒ from one item to many ‒
by taking advantage of our device manufacturing network even for part manufacturing alone.

Eiichi Seki, Representative Director

INQUIRIES e.seki@gol.com TEL:81-3-3761-3167

PLCs and Microcomputers


We deliver various control technologies at a fast pace. This includes PLC and microcomputer, electronic control board design and automation and labor saving proposals based on the sequence control we have built up in control panels.

Takao Hayashi,Representative Director

INQUIRIES ta.hayashi@e-hirosawa.co.jp TEL:81-3-3742-0261

Processing of the Metal Parts


“Our products have been adopted in the design and processing of the metal parts in medical equipment, material testing machines, machine tools and other devices. We perform high-mix low-volume production (e.g., difficult-to-machine materials and automatic machine parts) and we can also support various types of processing – from round objects to lasers.”

Reiko Midorikawa, CEO

INQUIRIES info@e-metal-ota.com TEL:81-3-6423-8058